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Who are we?

We are Limited Charm and even though we are relatively new, our expertise isn't.

Why we're the best?

Our systematic approach to current issues and future challenges allows us to act quick and strike hard. We leave space for improvement, not for errors. A detailed decision-making process combined with fast-paced implementation is what highlights our thoroughness in research, development, and innovation.

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Why Choose us?

A combination of exceptional quality and affordability is what we consider a perfect ratio in our business. Making all our products affordable and available is what led to more than 1000 daily orders (worldwide). Why you may ask? Because we care about your health, not about your wallet. Choose what's best for you, choose Limited Charm.

Our Mission

We base our core values around what we like to call the three T's; Trust, Transparency, and Thoroughness. We aim at establishing trust through complete transparency with our customers and we do that by providing clients with all the necessary information about their desired product. By doing so, we've managed to establish complete competence and reliability inthe industry that many companies strive for.

What we Have

Natural extracts 92%

Positive Feedbacks 88%

Successful Sales 95%