What We Offer

1.Made for You

Customers are our's #1. All Limited Charm products are made and tailored to our customers' needs, ranging from solutions to various skin and body problems to cosmetic hair-care products.

2.Made with Care

Limited Charm is a synonym for quality! Only the highest quality ingredients were used in making Limited Charm products - all products are organic, natural and ethical. We proudly endorse sustainability in our production and delivery processes.

3.Made for Performance

We want to be distinguished as a company that delivers ultimate value to consumers. Thus, we strive that our products keep up with yours and our expectations in delivering the best possible results for our customers.



Limited Charm Pure Oil of Argan is a premium argan oil, hand-made in the heart of Morroco using only the curated, therapeutical and non-GMO argan seeds. Our Pure Oil of Argan is 100% organic! The secret of our quality of the oil is that it is cold-pressed and squeezed, which produces argan oil in its purest form. Thus, this Limited Charm product will make sure that your hair, skin, and nails are ultimately repaired, refreshed and strengthened in no time.



Limited Charm's line of teas, including Go Slim, Go Potent and Celulless will definitely leave you problem-free. Our tea products are perfectly tailored to assist our customers in various areas. If you got weight problems and you feel dissatisfied with your looks, but you still feel stuck when it comes to finding a solution to it, then you should definitely give Limited Charm Go Slim a try. Go Slim continuously brings joy to our customers that are struggling to lose some weight. On the other hand, If you got potency problems, we're here for you too! Limited Charm Go Potent reliably brings you to 100% in 100% cases.



Gels and creams

Limited Charm Gels & Creams are the most versatile category that we have to offer. The wide array of products, which include Varcosin, Psorizin, Nautubone, and Celluless will resolve your problems, pain-free and stress-free. For those who just want to lose some cellulite, then Limited Charm Celulless is the perfect product for you. For those who struggle with dry skin and redness, then Psorizin is your charm. If you got varicose veins, then Varcosin is your way to go. If you suffer from bone pain, then Nautubone will provide you instant relief. Let Limited Charm to earn your complete trust!